Terms & Conditions

Welcome to CLU MART’s official terms and conditions page. Before proceeding further you have to agree with our terms and condition. Our terms and condition say our content security and publishing content and many other things that you can read thoroughly.

Content publishing license:

We are very strict to copy and paste our valuable content from our site. We are against copy and paste. So if you’re a reader then you are safe but anyone who writes any content related to our topic, if that person steals our content from our site then we have complete right to penalize the site and owner also. So be aware of it. Our content is 100% plagiarism-free and no copy content ever. You can not duplicate anything from our sites like design and content and any legal pages. It does, you will be jailed. CLU MART official team has full right to monitor those. If our specialist found any claws and any copy-paste work from our content then you must be penalized.

If any respected site wants to use those content you have to take permission from us if our specialist and our team member found those helpful and profitable then we provide you license. otherwise not.

Promotional email:

We use promotional emails for promoting any offers so you have to agree with us before putting your email ids during the checkout of any products. So read our terms and condition properly. You can unsubscribe from our email if it bothers you so we don’t send any promotional message to you.

Our Rights:

We have full right to remove any content and remove any hyperlinks and any spam comments. We don’t accept any spamming. On our site, we put valuable and verified content. On this site, we use affiliate links of various kinds of affiliate programs. If you buy anything we will get a little commission. And these are our rights. If we found any copied content of our site we can complain about it on google.

Further, we can change our Terms and condition and privacy policy according to us. This is also our right. Any visitors are asked to read all policies thoroughly then continue with us.