CLU MART privacy policy

In CLU MART privacy policy we take care of our customers’ email id and name, whatever they submit here. We store them in our data center securely. On this site, we daily publish various affiliate products with detailed information. CLU MART official writers investigate those products minutely and write reviews at their own experiences. In all articles, you see the general points that we add ” WHY SHOULD YOU BUY THIS PARTICULAR PRODUCT”. Our motto is to help our readers to buy any product with a detailed review.

We don’t ask for any payment and donation from our readers. We are very strict about spam and asking for money. We just publish our content to help our readers. We only take the email id from our readers while checking out any product, and we use those email ids to send promotional emails to them. We don’t sell any physical goods at all. We only write product detailed reviews to our readers.

In our privacy policy, we don’t share any posts that relate to sex, terrorism, and any restricted content. As per google guidelines, we follow the rules of Google. Any age-restricted content and videos never publish on our site. CLU MART is a very popular content-rich site and our motto is to help the people.

Anyone can contact and follow us on our social media site. Where we regularly update some promotional posts and information. Our privacy policy is to secure our user data. In general, we don’t ask for any login details and phone numbers at all. But if any reader wants to buy any affiliate product from us then we ask for an email id from them on the cart page. That email id is used for promotional message purposes only.

We don’t ask for any subscription from our readers. We manually check our reader comments and manually checked. We don’t accept any spam comments. We publish copyright-free images and copyright-free content.

We use affiliate links of Amazon and other affiliate programs in our content so be sure about this. If you want to continue with our website then you have to accept our Privacy policy. We don’t provide any warranty for any product here. We just promote them after one month of use. So if you want to buy anything then you have to agree with us. Warranty is provided by manufacturers of Amazon and sellers of amazon. If you receive any faulty product then we take no responsibility for those products. Then you have to complain at Amazon customer care to solve those problems.

If you post your email and name other information, we save those and uses them to promote any product to you, so you don’t need to worry to secure your information at all. You are a valued customer of CLU MART.

Clu Mart does not use any cookies but Amazon uses cookies. As we are an affiliate of Amazon India, USA, Canada, United Kingdom so they use cookies to store data. If you click any of our affiliate links and if you add any product in your cart Amazon then a cookie of Amazon stored on your browser if you buy that cart product we also get a little commission.

We also take care of safety of any under aged user. We don’t take anykind of personal information from them. So all you don’t need to be worry using our site. It is secure site and we don’t ask any personal information.

If found any problem please kindly inform us. Or you can mail to our official email id:-