Are you finding Best Cheap Home Security WiFi Camera In India? For security purposes for your home and office. You are in the right place. Where we are reviewing some of the Best Cheap Home Security WiFi Camera In India. Here you will find and can choose the best wifi security cameras for your home and office.

If you are buying the best one, you have to aware of some things. If you are buying it an online marketplace without reading this review, you will be lost your money. Because marketplaces do not have the right review about those products. We are buying these all wifi CCTV cameras and watch it’s all capability. And now we are writing a review on the best CCTV camera for home. You can use it for your office security purpose.

Things, That Must Be Kept On Mind Of Buying cheap and best CCTV camera for home:-

In-Built SD Card Slot: The CCTV technology changes our lifestyle. we can sleep at night peacefully. But if you want to buy the best Cheap wifi Security cameras, you have to keep this point on your mind,  Many of security cameras have SD card slot inbuilt. But you can insert SD cards of multiple capacities, 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB for recording purposes only. Many of the best CCTV cameras sold in India, you can upgrade up to 128GB. But there are also cheap cameras, they don’t have an internal storage system and you have to depend on the surveillance hard disk in the DVD.

Pan, Tilting & rotating: The best and good quality CCTV cameras can move horizontally and vertically to cover 360 degrees around them. The maximum angle that a CCTV camera can move horizontally called Pan and vertically is tilt. The maximum number of the best CCTV cameras nowadays at online, can pan up to 355 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees. Normal and cheap CCTV cameras could be maximum rotated by their apps. So if you want to monitor and cover a large portion, find a CCTV camera with a higher pan/tilt is essential for your home and office.

Image quality: The best CCTV cameras of today’s online offer video quality in 1080×720 pixel resolution. It is obvious that the greater the resolution is better. But if you want the better quality, you have to keep the grater storage space as well as. If you have the grater storage space you can buy the best wifi CCTV camera for home and office. If you don’t have you must buy one. But Today’s best wifi camera has inbuilt storage space capacity. You can easily fill it.

Motion & Audio sensor: Motion and audio sensor inbuilt in some smart wifi security cameras, which is not popular in India today. It is a little bit pricy around 10000 and maybe some of them up to 10K. But In India, we are not using this type of wifi security camera. we use a normal type of wifi security camera. But if you are buying the best wifi security cameras for your home and office, have to take care of before points.

Install & Setup: If you are finding the Best Cheap Home Security WiFi Camera In India, you must see how to set up this. As you do not notice how to set up, then you have to lose some amount of money.

Waterproof: if you are finding outdoor wifi security cameras then you must see, waterproof feature. Because for an outdoor camera must have this feature.

Let’s Go, And Find SomeBest Cheap Home Security WiFi Camera In India:-

MI 360-Degree 1080P Full HD WIFI Smart Security Camera:

MI 360-DegreeBest Cctv Camera For Home Security India 2020

With MI 360-Degree 1080P Full HD WIFI Smart Security CameraYou can monitor almost 355 degrees angle ratio. It is also a movable 360-degree Wifi security camera. It has also night vision technology. So you can see everything outside at night even without any light. you can look all around in the room with this camera. Because it has 360-degree movable technology. The camera has a resolution of 1080p. The camera has also motion detection Technology. Which provides you a notification when it detects some motion in the room. It has a talkback feature inbuilt. You can easily talk and ask anything with the help of this wi-fi security camera. It has an auto recording system inbuilt. you can watch that recording footage after on your smartphone.

D-LINK WI-FI Home Security Camera:

D-LINK WI-FI HOME CAMERA best wifi security camera for home

This camera can be controlled using your Alexa enabled device. The greatest feature is free cloud space with 24 hrs recording. So you can watch what’s happening from anywhere in the world. It does not rotate or tilt. It is a stable wifi security camera. The camera also has a great feature, you can see up to 5 meters at night. It supports sound as well as motion detection and gives the user an alert on his smartphone when motion or sound is detected. You can also save clips recorded on their phone

  • Supports My D-Link Mobile app for IOS & Andriod mobile devices for easy management / Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2).
  • 3 Year Brand Warranty.
  • Operates on the 2.4Ghz band only.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 setup, 720P HD resolution, 120-degree view angle, night vision, motion, and sound detection.
  • Status LED indicator for camera status.

TP-LINK Smart wifi Best Security Camera:

TP-LINK Smart wifi Best Security Camera

  • Smooth Pan and Tilt: 360°horizontal range and 114°vertical range. Because you can get a better angle for vision.
  • Safe Storage: Support Micro SD Card (up to 128 GB).
  • Two-Way Audio: Communicate with others with a built-in microphone and speaker.
  • Motion Detection and Notifications: it can detect motion, and send a notification to your phone.

TP-LINK wifi CCTV camera is another camera with a 360-degree movement. This TP-LINK wifi security camera can record video in 1080p. It also has night vision technology. And you can see up to 30 feet in the dark.

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QUBO Smart Home Security Camera:


  • 24×7 live remote monitoring with 1080p FHD Camera with ultra-wide Lens of 110 deg (Field Of View)
  • Infrared Night Vision up to 6 meters
  • Hear and talkback seamlessly through 2 Way Talk powered by Echo Cancellation.
  • It Instantly notifies you when it detects your baby is crying because you don’t miss out on any critical moment.
  • Person Detection: — Advanced AI capabilities that can smartly detect & notify whenever a person is detected
  • Weather Resistance IP65: — Mount it outdoors or place it indoors, the camera works everywhere, be it extreme weather conditions like rain, dust, snow, or sun.

MI DOME WI-Fi Security Camera:

mi security camera

  • Works with Alexa: This security camera can ‘work with Alexa’. For eg., You can use Echo Show as an input for control functionality of this product
  • Mi home security camera basic 1080p is capable of recording 1080p full HD video. because you can get better video quality.
  • Equipped with a 130-degree ultra-wide-angle lens, 10m ranged infrared night vision.
  • Ultra-wide 130 degrees Angle Lens; Power Consumption: 5 W; Wi-Fi modes: 2.4GHz, 5GHz.
  • AN Advanced AI motion detector reduces false alarm.
  • Two-way voice communication and Intelligent detection. Because you can do conversation without appearing in front.

CP PLUS 360-Degree Best Cheap Home Security WiFi Camera In India:


  • 1080p full HD Plug & Play Wi-Fi camera, which enables crisp images that reveal the smallest details with clarity.
  • 360-degree pan and 85-degree tilt save cost and trouble of installing multiple cameras for space.
  • Home on Phone: Access footage of your home/ office round the clock from anywhere in the world on your phone.
  • Intelli-Fi: Connect to your local Wi-Fi in a jiffy. Simply select the network, input password, and you are good to go.
  • 2-way talkback (View n Talk): Talk to the person on the other side while you see, and stay connected round the clock.
  • Intelligent Motion Alert: When armed, the inbuilt motion alarm in this camera intimates you instantly on your smartphone in case of an intrusion in a restricted area.
  • Remote Control: Watch live footage of your camera from anywhere, anytime is just a click away. Other features that are supported remotely are; Pan/Tilt control, zoom in/out, SD Card recording playback, etc.
  • Up to 128GB SD Card supported.

QUBO Smart Indoor Camera:


  • 24×7 live remote monitoring with 1080p FHD Camera with ultra-wide Lens of 140 deg (Field Of View): — The True Live image quality ensures, you view your precious moments with crystal clear quality.
  • Person Detection: — Advanced AI capabilities that can smartly detect & notify whenever a person is detected.
  • Alexa Built-In: — Alexa can play music, read out the news, check the weather, control smart home devices, and many more, all you have to do is ask.
  • Baby Cry alert: — Instantly notifies you whenever it detects your baby crying because you don’t miss out on any critical moment.
  • Face Recognition: — Store known faces in this device and create custom automated alerts for those faces on your phone.
  • Hear and talkback seamlessly through 2 Way Talk powered by Echo Cancellation.
  • Smart Home Hub: — Qubo allows you to control and remotely manage all Alexa compatible Wi-Fi devices & Qubo range of Zigbee devices.
  • Infrared Night Vision- It has this feature because you can watch outside and inside as well as without light.
  • Privacy: — With AES 128 Encryption and cloud storage based in India, because your private home moments stay private to you only.
  • Data Storage: — Up to 128GB SD Card Storage support; Subscription Plans for Cloud Storage available too.



Hope that you all find your best Wifi security cameras for home and office use. Here we all showcase for you because our intension to help you. Here we all provide you Best review and best recommendation because you can find the most effective for you.



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