6 Bestselling Zebronics Earphones Under 200 India 2021

6 Bestselling Zebronics Earphones Under 200 India 2021

Topic: 6 Bestselling Zebronics Earphones Under 200 India 2021

In India we are very price conscious so we always find the best cheap and budget friendly best earphones. In this article we introduced only one company’s products that is Zebronics. If you are a fan of zebronics headphones, this article is for you because in this article we have reviewed top 6 bestselling zebronics earphones under 200 rupees in India. You can find this article helpful as you want to but best low-budget wired headphone under 200 rupees in India.

In this article, we also said the pros and cons of each product after testing all items minutely. For mobile gaming and listening to music and meeting these headphones are perfect. Zebronics is a china based company and they produced these types of best budget-friendly products. Today’s era is a digital era so headphone is a most necessary gadget for all. So go inside the article about zebronics earphones under 200 in India and find out your best earphone under 200 rupees in India.

Zebronics Zeb-Calyx:

Zebronics’ lightweight sporty design makes it easy to slip into your pocket without worrying about roles or hassles. Thanks to their excellent technical characteristics, they are included in the list of the best zebronics earphones at the price of Rupees 200. Compared to headphones in the same segment, the sound quality is excellent and delivers high-quality music reproduction. The earbuds fit snugly in your ears and are incredibly soundproof. You can enjoy your music without distraction. Long and strong cables increase the durability and durability of the cables and can be used every day. You can use the built-in microphone and multifunction buttons to manage and control calls with your voice.


  • Speaker Driver of 10mm produces good sound.
  • Stylish and Good looking and mobile and tablet compatible.
  • Deep bass while listening DJ music.
  • Very lightweight zebronics wired earphone under 200.


  • Straight Jack in place of  L-shaped Jack
  • Some noises at high volume.

Zebronics zeb-bro:

Another comfortable zebronics earphone is Zeb-bro. This is very special for its car bolts. Its ear bolts are perfect for every ear as it provides free size. A metal look finish distinguishes this particular from others. This particular headphone generates 1500+ sales in the online marketplace with 89% positive feedback. This earphones comes under two hundred rupees in India but it provides noise cancellation feature. A 1.2-meter cable helps to carry easily when it will connect with your phone. This headphone provides crystal clear sound as it serves a 20Hz frequency response rate. Its 10 mm driver provides a deep base while gaming and listening to music. This zebronics earphone comes with a multi-function button that can play and pause tracks and can be used to pick up and hang up calls too.


  • This comes with 10 mm driver which is perfectly fit for every ear.
  • Multifunctional button can play, pause tracks and can pick up and hang-up calls.
  • 3.5 mm jack is compatible for mobile as well as tablet.
  • Noise cancellation is mic also provided.


  • Totally mat finishes on over all body.
  • Some models of this particular category have some problems.

Zebronics zeb-corolla:

Zeb-corolla is a wired headphone from zebronics that is black in color and serves a hi-fi base. This is very light weight earphone under 200 rupees in India. You can consider this headphone as bestselling zebronics earphones under 200 in India. This particular product is a very demanding product as it generates 700+ sales in the online marketplace. All headphones are the same functionality and same features like 10 mm drivers, lightweight, crystal clear sound quality, and multifunctional button with noise cancellation button. This earphone under 200 provides a 6-month warranty from the purchase. That is amazing. With this particular model, two extra earbuds are provided by the manufacture. This is our bestselling item in the full lists because the rubber type look covers the entire body and very stylish look impress us to buy this headphone.


  • Rubber finishes on the entire body.
  • Two extra ear buds are provided as above two does not do that.
  • Perfect fit in the ear.


  • No major claws found on entire use.
  • It is not sweat proof.

Zebronics zeb-tulip:

The best part of this earphone is 14 mm driver. This particular model serves high quality bass and crystal clear sound. 14 mm driver is perfect for ear. Inline microphone helps to talk normally. This particular model has gold plated 3.5 mm jack which is compatible with mobile as well as tablet. This headphone is not sweat proof and water resistance. 1.2 meter cord length and lightweight are the best feature. Zebronics provides 6 month warranty from purchasing.


  • 14 mm audio driver provides immersive sound quality.
  • Noise cancellation features enabled with this.
  • Gold plated 3.5 mm jack ensures the strong connectivity.


  • No sweat proof, no water resistance.
  • No more claws found.

Zebronics zeb-calyx:

At the number fifth, we add this particular zebronics earphone under 200. Because this particular headphone generates 1200+ sales in the online marketplace with 90% positive feedback. This is another bestselling zebronics earphone with under 200 rupees in India. Zeb-calyx is another stylist of earphones under 200 rupees in India. Immersive sound quality and perfect fitting on-ear serve ultimate sound quality. This particular model is available in two colors. All the functionality is the same as before. The joint of the 3.5 mm jack is a metal finish.


  • 10 millimetre driver with 105 decibel sensitivity different from other.
  • 3.5 mm gold plated jack ensures secure connection.
  • This is light weight stereo earphone under 200 rupees in India.
  • Glossy finish on the ear bolts body.


  • The wire is very thin.
  • No major claws found.

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Zebronics zeb-bro pro:

Another bestselling zebronics earphone under 200 is here. This is the last item on our list. This is best because only for high bass. Full rubber finish and stylish look attract buyers. This particular is compatible with phones and tablets. 10 mm driver and 3.5 mm jack are other features. Two extra ear tips are provided by the manufactures. All the functions are similar to before. This particular model is available in 3 colors.


  • High quality bass provided.
  • Stylist look and budget-friendly product.
  • Available with 3 colours.


  • No claws found.


At the last line, we are happy to say that we had revealed the bestselling zebronics earphone under 200. These are all the bestselling and budget-friendly items for you.

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